Online Drawing Lessons with Heidi Merrick

This class is all online and includes 6 drawing tutorial videos. Lesson 1 is an introduction to how to use the materials, lesson 2 demonstrates a bird drawing, lesson 3 demonstrates a dog drawing, lesson 4 demonstrates a landscape drawing, lesson 5 demonstrates drawing the contour lines of a city scene, and lesson 6 demonstrates adding shadings to a city scene. In lessons 2-6, you will watch the instructor draw as she explains her process. You can either follow along or create a total different drawing!

You will receive the link to the YouTube lessons in your confirmation email once you pay.

Suggested materials:

-A set of drawing pencils (You want to have at least three: a hard pencil that is labeled with an H, a dark pencil that is labeled with a number and a B (like 5B), and one in the middle that is labeled with an HB or F.)

-A drawing eraser

-A kneaded eraser

-A blending stump (if you don't have one, you can use your finger)

-Drawing paper (you can use printer paper, but something more suited to drawing will work better)

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